Join us in Knowledge Sharing of Best Practices in Procurement of Agile IT- Projects


Agile methods have gained enormous popularity the past years and proven to be an efficient way to deliver IT systems.

However it's been difficult to gain the benefits of Agile development when procuring IT projects. With this conference we are collecting the best  practices and success cases of Agile procurement. Sharing experiences across the Nordic countries, focusing on the public sector.

  • Learn different ways to choose the best vendor
  • Learn about how to create contracts to support the Agile Procurement process
  • Learn how to make sure you get the solutions needed for success
  • Learn how to create a good long lasting relationship with your provider

We are proud to be able to invite experts and clients from the Nordics who have experiences well worth spreading. Welcome!

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Who is this event for?
If you are in any way involved in procuring an IT project, as a Project Manager, Program Manager, CIO:s or as a Legal Expert, then this is the conference for you. You will see examples of successful Agile procurement from the Public and Private sector, learn about how to create contracts to support the process, how to make sure you get what you need, and how to create a good long lasting relationship with your provider.

When and where: The event will take place in Copenhagen on the 28th of April from 8:30-17:00.

Network dinner (and beer tasting):

The 27th of April a network dinner will be held to be able to meet participants.

We will taste excellent beer and food on one of the finest local micro brewery BrewPub in Copenhagen. Home made danish beer, when it is absolutely best.


You can register above on "Register now" or on or +45 7026 2118 (also for payment with invoice).

Venue: BestBrains, Sankt Gertruds Stræde 5, 3rd floor, 1129 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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Tel: +45 33 45 91 00 

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Nicolai Dragsted
Senior legal consultant

Contracting for Agile

Traditional template IT-contracts contains a multitude of legal tools aimed at securing compliance with all elements of the statement of requirements drawn up before the contract was signed. Most of these legal tools fail to recognize the key rationale behind the Agile manifesto. They a based upon profound confidence in the preparatory work before the contract is signed and basic mistrust in the work performed by a supplier after the contract has been signed. Such tools provide little help in the dynamic cooperation taking place during agile development. Nicolai Dragsted will describe some of the contracting areas that should be given priority and attention when drawing up contracts for agile development, such as the legal role of a business case, use of other pricing models than fixed price, access to termination for convenience, etc.

Nicolai Dragsted

Nicolai is an information technology (IT) lawyer who acts as a trusted advisor on some of the most complex and innovative IT projects.
Since 1987, Nicolai has been active in drafting, negotiation and interpretation of major IT contracts, currently focusing on outsourcing, ERP and agile projects.
He has written six books and a number of articles on IT contracts, and he is a frequent speaker at conferences regarding IT contracts. 

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Rikke Halland
IT-Project manager from The Danish Business Authority

CASE / DENMARK: Running a large public IT-program with Agile Procurement

The Danish Business Authority (DBA) decided in 2009 to manage a large modernization program running for 6 years using Agile contracting.

Learn how the contracts and procurement was setup  and how the many projects was run and hear learnings from a long journey of using agile methods in the public sector.

Rikke Halland

Rikke has been working as a project manager at DBA from 2009 and has also worked with defining the contractual setup in DBA.

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Jesper Thaning
Experienced practitioner on Agile Contracts and Procurement

Knowing how to Succeed when Procuring Agile Development

How do you procure agile development, in a way that balances the value and risk every agile project contains, and maximizes the probability for success?

Learn about strategies and techniques around agile contracts and how to run projects within an agile procurement framework, and hear about learnings from real contracts and projects.

Jesper Thaning

Jesper is an agile coach and practitioner at BestBrains and has been working with one the largest agile projects within the public sector in Denmark, and given several talks on agile contracts, and worked as an advisor on agile procurement.

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Ari Kontiainen
Project Manager

CASE: Agile Contracts and Supplier Switching Costs

The more complex the tailor-made system grows, the more challenging switching the supplier becomes. In his case study Ari Kontiainen briefly describes the agile contracting model used in Finnish Wildlife Agency and considers options to take into account supplier switching costs in the new tendering process.

Ari Kontiainen

Ari Kontiainen is in charge of the development of service, which provides a hunting journal for tens of thousands of Finnish hunters and hunting clubs. Ari's special interests are services development and business value creation in an agile manner.

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Tom Holsøe
Partner Attorney

Experiences with the Danish public agile contract K03

The Danish public agile contract K03 has been a reality since 2014. The contract has already been used broadly in IT-projects. One of the K03’s creators will make af short introduction to the contract and will share his current experiences with tendering agile IT project based on K03.

Tom Holsøe

Tom Holsøe is partner-in-charge of the Public Procurement and Contract Law department of Kammeradvokaten (Law firm Poul Schmith)  and heads the IT and Digitisation practice as well. Tom is currently Chairman of the Association of Danish IT Attorneys (Danske IT Advokater) and has a long experience in advising public authorities in relation to IT projects, including some of the largest public IT projects in Denmark. His field of expertise includes also agile project management and Tom is one of the creators of the Danish Public Agile Contract K03.

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Thomas Christensen
Independent it contractor and entrepreneur

CASE: Acquiring agile teams

In 2007/8 The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment first entered into an agile partnership with a vendor by acquiring a team. Since then many lessons has been learned, and tools for the tender process has been developed and tested.

Learn about management free development, code camp, reading CVs, contracts (almost) without penalties, and making work fun.

Thomas Christensen

Thomas Christensen is an independent it contractor and entrepreneur (since 1996) and was part of The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment’s journey from waterfall to agile. He has not been at the Agency for a couple of years. Thomas is an IT architect and also consults on the development process, recruitment, customer/vendor relationships and tenders.

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Tomer Shalit & Mia Kolmodin
Management Consultants - Agile Procurement and Product Management

CASE: The art of Specifying Needs instead of Solutions to create Useful Products

How do you procure something before you know what it is you need? We will share our experiences from success cases in Sweden as well as the different techniques used. By using these techniques together with Agile contracts, you can find out what user needs you need to solve to create impact, and at the same time give the provider the possibility to focus on creating the best solutions.

Tomer Shalit & Mia Kolmodin

Tomer Shalit is helping clients to procure the right products as well as training product companies at Nordic River.

Mia Kolmodin is training and helping clients to implement and use processes with Lean UX Discovery and Agile Deliveries.

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Henrik Gavelli
Sales Director, Nordics

Agile Contracts - Trick or Treat?

My experiences of the difficulty of balancing risk and confidence in negotiating contracts for agile projects and how we tried to solve some of this issues in the new Swedish standard contract for agile projects done by Almega/IT&Telekomföretagen.

Henrik Gavelli

Henrik Gavelli has a long carrier as managing director and Sales Director in several IT organisations.

He started as a software developer and worked through training, project management, sales and management positions.

He also started the Open Data counsel in Sweden and acted chairman from the beginning.

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Pirre Korhonen

CASE / FINLAND: Running a large public IT-program with Agile Procurement

The National Architecture for Digital Services is a Finnish national infrastructure enabling information transfer between different organisations and services. Its 70-developer agile implementation project focuses on data exchange, openness and efficiency in public services and a new national e-identification model and other services.

Learn how the Finnish project’s agile contracts and procurement have been set up, what have been the biggest challenges and solutions to those, and where the biggest wins have been.

Pirre Korhonen

Pirre Korhonen is responsible for the procurements and contracts for the National Architecture for Digital Services. She is located in Finnish Population Register Centre.

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Organized by

Agila Kontrakt @agilakontrakt is started by Mia Kolmodin and Mathias Skarin from Crisp as a way to communicate and spread the knowledge about procurement with Agile contracts and the impact that it gives to the projects and people.

In the search for good show cases we have got to know Jesper Thaning in Denmark from BestBrains, Karoliina Luoto, Codento, Finland and Tomer Shalit from Nordic River, Sweden who all share this quest for improving procurement in large and complex projects.

Since 2015 we have the first Nordic education in Agile procurement, we have also held many seminars in Sweden on the topic at conferences, in Almedalen, on companies and in the public sector.

We start this year by making this conference happen! Hope you want to join us too!

Mia Kolmodin, Crisp

Mattias Skarin, Crisp

Karoliina Luoto, Codento

Jesper Thaning, BestBrains

Tomer Shalit, Nordic River